Sara Atteby Reportage Wedding Photographer

I am a photographer because I love storytelling – which is why my preferred style of photography is Documentary or Reportage.

Everyone has a story and I’m fascinated by the diversity of the people I meet with every new shoot.

I enjoy the buzz from being challenged with a new location, new people and new stories to tell. Along with all of this, my honest and simple wish is to create sincere, spontaneous and beautiful images.

Born in Australia, after studying at the Queensland College of Art, I travelled to Germany where I met my husband, (also a photographer as well as philosopher and journalist:  We moved together to Brussels and then here to London finally where we have established our photography business. We have three gorgeous children together and as a side note, I also speak German, French, and Australian.

So get in touch and we can discuss your wedding via Skype, Facetalk, FreeConference or a regular telephone.

Phone: 07543 604 269