I consider myself a story teller - sometimes described as a 'documentarian'. My purpose is to chronicle the events of your wedding day.

As I Journey with you through these moments, your images will show the feelings and emotions of the day - from the banal to euphoria, from the ridiculous to serenity.

Mostly in the background like a laid back guest, I won’t intrude so you feel uncomfortable, but I also won’t hide in the bushes like a paparazzi. My aim is that you and your guests feel at ease in my presence.

Currently, the two main camera bodies I shoot with are the Pentax K-1 Mark II and Fuijifilm X-T1. Both cameras allow me to shoot in any kind of light or location, regardless of the weather.

Photos are intended to be printed on beautiful paper, so please ask me about our Hahnemühle Fine Art Wedding Books - printed on archive quality, fine art paper.

To check if I'm available for your wedding and to arrange a time to have a chat about your day, just send me a message via my contact page, email me: or give me a call on 07543 604 269.